Analyst Viewpoint

Some Smart Moves, Some Smart Results for Datawind?

Datawind could be better dubbed as the ‘pioneers of tablets’ in India, despite the fact that its much-hyped Aakash tablets failed to conquer the market owing to some not so … Continue Reading →

Encryption Debate: Joining Hands with Law Enforcement to Help Citizenry, Rather than Locking Horns

The tug of war between Apple and the FBI finally settled down last week after the latter paid a huge sum (estimated over $1.3 million) to gain access to the … Continue Reading →

Micro change, Max expectations!

Strengthening ‘Yu’ should have been the focus Micromax, the de facto No2 of the India mobile handset market, has contributed a lot towards the growth of the industry, Smartphones and … Continue Reading →

Smart Cities sans Smart Connectivity?

So, you are about to wrap up your net banking transaction, but alas! One message pops up—‘No internet connection’. And then one fine day when you hurried to pay your … Continue Reading →

Phablets–Cynosure of all eyes?

The wind of change is inevitable and nobody can evade this. Not quite long ago, the industry was abuzz with talks–the Smartphones cannibalizing the tablets and gradually replacing the feature … Continue Reading →