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Where does LinkedIn fit in for Microsoft?

Many, including me, frowned when Microsoft announced its plans to shell out USD 26.2 bn in cash to buy LinkedIn. The deal actually dwarfs many of its earlier big ticket … Continue Reading →

In the Gush of 4G phones, why are Home-grown Firms still Leveraging on 3G?

The 4G era is setting in, as the market gets bombarded with 4G handsets and operators upgrade their networks to move in tandem with the 4G cacophony. 4G handsets are … Continue Reading →

Smartphone at Rs 99—Is ‘Acche Din’ Really in Store?

If RingingBell’s smartphone Freedom 251 for Rs 251 and Docoss X1 for Rs 888 may have failed to catch your eyeballs, then here’s another gimmick, a smartphone at  Rs 99. … Continue Reading →

Industryscape: Mobile Wallets in India

Overview The days of sifting through an overstuffed wallet is coming to an end. Also the super annoying habit of giving a candy instead of a rupee coin is doomed … Continue Reading →

From ‘Siddhivinayak’ to ‘Mannat’: Tim Cook Hit the Right Note in India!

When one of the bigwigs from the Silicon Valley landed in India last week, the media fraternity glued to his every movement, wondering–alike China some announcements of investment numbers are … Continue Reading →