At the VMware Explore annual conference held recently, the company’s CEO Raghu Raghuram Outlines a Cloud Smart Strategy and top executives elaborate its importance for customers. Excerpts

Cloud has been around for decades, but its adoption rate really accelerated during the past 2 years as enterprises demanded more agility, speed, and responsiveness from IT for their business. In fact, it has reached a level where single cloud is no longer sufficient to cater to growing enterprise needs. Multi-cloud is a necessity, as also quoted by most industry analysts around the globe. Shifting to a multi-cloud environment however, is no bed of roses and managing it is even more difficult. According to VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram, enterprises are currently in a state of cloud chaos, and to move from chaos to order, they must become “cloud smart”. In his keynote at the VMware Explore 2022 annual conference earlier this year, Raghu outlined the strategy enterprises should adopt to become cloud smart.

The Main Roadblocks to Multi-Cloud Adoption

processes. Cloud acts as a key enabler in this journey, starting with transforming the front office experience with next gen mobile apps to the mid and back office. Raghu calls it “the Great re-platforming”. As easy as it may sound, CEOs feel that they’re not moving fast enough on this re-platforming journey. Lack of skills is one major roadblock to this agility, which includes not only developer skills but cloud skills, SRE skills, platform skills, to name a few. The second roadblock according to Rahu is the weight of all enterprise applications being built, and the third is inconsistent developer experience due to applications being developed on multiple clouds with each following a different model. This fragmented operations model slows them down, and also leads to a fragmented security model that increases risk. Overall, this slow-down in re-platforming leads to
what Raghu calls Cloud Chaos.