Anand Sweets’ Sweet Success Story: From Bengaluru’s Heart to Expanding Horizons

  • By Meghana Harikumar

In the heart of Bengaluru, where the hustle and bustle of daily life never seems to cease, there exist confectionery havens that beckon with an irresistible allure. Step through the charming doors of Anand Sweets, and you’ll find yourself transported to a whimsical world of sugary delights and culinary enchantment.  Beyond the delectable treats that grace its shelves, Anand Sweets boasts a design that is nothing short of mesmerizing. A masterful blend of elegance and playfulness, it invites customers to embark on a sweet journey that transcends the ordinary. As the sun sets and the evening arrives, the magic truly begins, with a symphony of lights that dance and twinkle, turning this sweet emporium into a beacon of delight. 

Since its founding in 1988, Anand Sweets has become the market leader for premium Indian sweets in India, operating 15 stores, 7 restaurants in Bengaluru, 30 cloud kitchens, exclusive travel retail stores at 15 airports, and 10 online channels all over the country. Anand Sweets adheres to global standards of cleanliness and quality and is an ISO 22000:1800, HALAL, FSSAI, US FDA (Registered), and Spice Board-recognised business. The finest ingredients are utilized, and to ensure the best, a series of quality tests are performed using pre-established criteria. The cutting-edge manufacturing plant has a 100,000-square-foot footprint and can create 50,000 kg of goods each day.

With its focus on tradition, festivity, celebration, and gifting, Anand Sweets embodies the signature of a contemporary face of Indianness that is grand and constantly keeps pace with reinvention. Below are excerpts from an executive interaction with Arvind Dadu, Managing Director, Anand Sweets for CMR India.

Q1. Anand Sweets is named after you, did you have any other names in mind, if not why Anand Sweets?

Ans. Established in 1988, Anand Sweets was named by my father Anand Dayal Dadu after his first name. In the 80s most of the companies were named after the founder/entrepreneur and it was the easiest way to start a new business. 

Q2. What is the concept that the brand follows?

Ans. While being a traditionalist at heart, Anand Sweets is also on a quest to constantly innovate and create new products that are relevant to all ages and geographies. Anand Sweets goes beyond being a typical Mithai shop; it offers a delectable journey of both sweetness and savoury delights, all originating from Bengaluru.

Q3. When did the idea of opening a physical sweet store start?

Ans. The idea was my father’s in the 80s as he felt the Cantonment area of Bangalore did not have a good sweets store as mostly everything retail was concentrated around Majestic, the erstwhile city centre of Bangalore. 

Q4. How many types of sweets and savouries does the store offer?

Ans. Our diverse selection encompasses more than 200 stock-keeping units, featuring a wide spectrum of offerings including regional and gourmet sweets, South and North Indian Namkeen and snacks, Dry fruits, Sharbats, Breads, Tea Cakes, Cookies, and an array of other delights.

Q5. What is the USP of Anand Sweets?

Ans. Our packaging, store ambience, customer service and product quality are what make Anand Sweets the most sought-after and premium brand in the category. 

Q6. How often do you change the recipes of the dishes?

Ans. The recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and are not changed very often. But again, we do launch new variants of our old established products which would be a tweak to the old recipes.  

Q7. How often do you add new dishes to the menu and on what basis are they added? 

Ans. Experimentation and innovation are core tenets of the brand, hence we are constantly trying new innovative products and exploring themes and concepts from around the world. We end up launching 8 to 10 new products every year. 

Q8. Customers these days are exposed to sweets from every other country. How do you cope with that demand?

Ans. At Anand Sweets, we are constantly working with international flavours and ingredients to create interesting fusion products that an internationally exposed audience can appreciate. Our Turkish Baklava, which takes inspiration from the baklavas of Gaziantep, Turkey is one of our most popular imports which has been tweaked to suit the palate of the Indian consumer.  

Q9. How important is a physical store when compared to an online store?

Ans. Physical stores are essential to gain brand recognition and recall. It also allows a brand to have a one-on-one personal connection with customers, getting real-time feedback on products and services and also gives the brand a chance to create a sensory experience that our customers can touch and feel. Online helps spread the reach of the brand without added costs. It also helps connect with the younger, more tech-savvy online first audience

Q10. What are the factors you look into to attract customers to your store?

Ans. Anand Sweets has masterfully crafted an experience that goes beyond simply selling sweets; it’s a sensory journey that leaves a lasting impression on all who enter. With attention to detail in every aspect, from visual merchandising to music, lighting, and customer convenience, Anand Sweets has set a standard of tasteful elegance that resonates with an international audience. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability in packaging further enhances our appeal, making Anand Sweets a top choice for those seeking an exquisite Indian sweet experience.

Q11. Seating at a physical sweet store is very common these days. What is your thought about the same?

Ans. The introduction of seating in a store offers a pleasant and comfortable space for customers to enjoy their food and dessert. This trend enhances the overall experience, encouraging longer stays and potential for socializing. However, it’s important to ensure that the seating arrangements don’t overcrowd the store and maintain a balance between the dining area and the retail space.

Q12. How many stores do you plan to open in the coming years?

Ans. We plan to increase our count of 17 to 25 stores in the next 3 years. We recently unveiled its latest store at Kempegowda International Airport Terminal 2. With a brand legacy of 34 years serving sweet delightful moments, this new establishment boasts exciting offerings to international travellers including a first-of-its-kind Artisanal Mithai Bar, a wide range of regional Mithai gifts enhanced with augmented reality packaging, indulgences from across India, a live Mysore Pak Station, and many other enticing features. In addition to seamlessly showcasing art, culture, and technology representing India on a global scale, our stores effortlessly integrate sustainability to perfectly align with the airport’s design philosophy.