Gen Z’s Top Priorities in Gaming Smartphones Revealed: Extended Battery Life, 5G Connectivity, and Immersive Visuals

Prabhu Ram, Head - Industry Intelligence Group

Prabhu Ram, Head - Industry Intelligence Group

New Delhi, 11 December 2023. CyberMedia Research (CMR), India’s trusted technology research and advisory firm in India, has released  its latest study, ‘Gaming Preferences Among Gen Z Gamers 2023’.  The study reveals for smartphone gamers, extended battery life stands out as the most crucial factor, with an overwhelming majority (72%) deeming it paramount when selecting a gaming smartphone. Fast network connectivity (55%), display quality (51%), and quick game loading (50%) closely follow, emphasizing the critical role of performance, connectivity, and visual excellence in the decision-making process. For serious gamers engaged in extended sessions, concerns about phone overheating hold significance, with 65% underscoring its importance.

Sugandha Srivastava, Senior Manager – Industry Consulting Group (ICG), CyberMedia Research (CMR), emphasized, “For Gen Z, mobile gaming isn’t just entertainment; it’s a way of life. They demand smartphones that are powerful extensions of themselves, capable of delivering smooth gameplay, stunning visuals, and robust connectivity. Smartphone brands, such as POCO, are prioritizing performance and exceptional features at accessible price-points,  resonating deeply with the young and tech-savvy Indian gamers.”

Indian gamers spend an average of 8 hours per week on mobile gaming, categorized into three segments: Serious (over 11 hours), Casual (6-11 hours), and Hyper-Casual (less than 6 hours).

Delving into the gaming habits of 2000+ passionate gamers, the study not only provides a snapshot of their preferences but also unravels the intricate threads guiding their choices in the dynamic world of mobile gaming.

Other Study Findings:

  1. Influence and Preferences:
    1. In the interconnected mobile gaming sphere, friends and family (64%) emerge as the primary influencers for gaming updates, followed closely by social networking sites (53%).
    2. Puzzle games (49%) lead the preferred category, showcasing the diverse tastes within the gaming community.
    3. 74% of gamers prefer free versions of mobile games.
  1. Addressing Pain Points and Elevating Expectations:
    1. The top three pain points for mobile gamers include battery drainage (53%), storage limitations (48%), and overheating (48%).
    2. Gamers’ expectations include extended battery life (66%), ample RAM (58%), and generous storage (57%), outlining the criteria for the ultimate gaming device.
  2. Value for Money Gaming Smartphone Satisfaction and Loyalty:
    1. POCO leads with an impressive 82% satisfaction score as a gaming device, followed by iQOO  (80%) and OnePlus (80%).
    2. In the value-for-money gaming smartphone segment , POCO (92%) commands unwavering loyalty, with OnePlus (91%) and Samsung (90%) following suit.

Note to Editors:

For results based on the randomly chosen sample size of 2086 mobile gamers, there is 99% confidence that the findings have a statistical precision of plus or minus 5%, accurately reflecting the sentiments of the broader population.