With every passing quarter, dropping prices have enabled more and more Indian households the pleasure of owning a personal computer. The Government of India’s efforts of introducing information technology (IT) education into the classroom or delivering public services over the Internet through an IT-enabled infrastructure backbone, are going to transform the PC from a tool of luxury, few could afford to a one of necessity in day-to-day modern life.

On the commercial front, IT has been able to lift productivity and is an important cog in the infrastructure wheel. Organisations are looking for ways to leverage on this important piece of infrastructure to increase competitiveness in a rapidly globalising world economy.

Invasion of digital media has further triggered a demand for satellite dish-based TV sets, digital cameras, mobile devices such as the tablet PC and so on. Today, the Indian consumer is spoilt for choice and is virtually the king, pampered by a vast range of commercial and consumer use digital devices to enhance personal productivity and make life easy. In this scenario, vendors and consumer electronics principals are scurrying to outdo each other to increase their presence and share of the market pie. In a vast country like India, with great socio-cultural and geographic diversity, channel partners play an important role in ensuring seamless distribution, retail reach and post-sales service support to maintain customer satisfaction. In this scenario, channel partners have become a very important resource for principals to reach their offerings to the farthest corners of the country.

CMR Infotech Practice Expertise Areas – IT Hardware, CE and Channels

CMR’s experienced analyst team will track and report key trends in the following important market segments:

Desktop, Notebook and Netbook PCs: Analysis of product trends, channel partner ecosystem dynamics, and competition review to enable a vendor / principal to choose the right go-to-market strategy.

Servers: With the ever increasing penetration of PCs in commercial enterprises, servers have become an all-important component of the ICT infrastructure for running corporate mail, enterprise applications, administrative functions and hosting business intelligence solutions. The CMR team will report key trends in this market, while factoring in variations across industry verticals.

PC Displays: The overall PC monitor (display) market comprises two segments – Standalone PC monitors and Bundled PC monitors (bundled with desktop PCs). A wave of CRT replacements by LCD and LED displays has made this market interesting to watch. With the assembled market still contributing to more than one-third of total India PC shipments, the display market assumes importance for a vendor’s strategy. CMR’s city-level market sizing and trend forecasting will enable a vendor to prioritize marketing spending, sales promotion and channel partner incentivisation programmes to target emerging opportunities.

Thin Clients: Desktop virtualization is being adopted by Indian enterprises at an increasingly faster pace. With awareness building up, this nascent offering is likely to find a lot of takers. The CMR team will focus on emerging opportunities in the BPO-ITeS, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance and other important segments.

Printers and MFDs: Emergence of new personal printing devices and consolidation of multiple corporate printing stations have excited printer and multi-function device (MFD) vendors in recent years. The CMR team will provide visibility of city-level markets across the top 35 Indian cities, offering vendors an opportunity to align their strategic and tactical marketing spends on ‘real-time, ground-level’ market intelligence, month after month.

UPS and Home Inverter Systems: Requirement of power conditioning and back-up solutions continues to be on the rise as power outages continue to be ‘the norm’ across most Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns and a large majority of Indian states. The CMR team will publish a quarterly analysis of brand-wise and capacity-wise shipments, pricing and product feature trends, competitive review and an assessment of the evolving market trends.

Digital Cameras: Adoption of digital cameras has been a rage in middle class India in recent years. The CMR team will present a quarterly analysis of brand-wise and model-wise shipments, pricing, product features, competitive review and an overall assessment of the medium- to long-term market trends.

Consumer Storage: An increase in the ‘digital everything’ trend has led to a visible rise in the demand for removable memory and storage devices. Starting with the tiny microSD card to the memory flash cards, USB thumb drives, to the portable external hard disks, the market is growing and diversifying rapidly. Tracking the market has thrown up interesting trends. CMR’s team will capture the key market trends quarter-on-quarter and report them in a simple, lucid and intelligible format to help stakeholders base their business decisions on an accurate reflection of the market reality.

Digital Projectors: With the old-fashioned over-head projectors (OHPs) of yore making way for a new class of digital projectors, especially in the enterprise and education space, this market presents many new exciting possibilities both in terms of product features and portfolio, as well as the role of channels to increase penetration in the consumer space. The CMR analyst team will track this market every quarter, build a perspective on important market dynamics, present a competitive analysis of evolving technology trends and form factors at attractive new price points.