How AI and ChatGPT Are Transforming The Indian Recruitment Market

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Editor - CyberMedia Research

Ever since its launch, ChatGPT has reached over 100 million users worldwide. It has entered into the hands of Indian techies as well and is being used in various industries.

But, ChatGPT and similar AI tools have long-lasting impacts. While it may take a negative turn in certain aspects, the use of AI will always leave its mark on any market that employs it. Moreover, it is quite noticeable that AI is leading to the loss of jobs in certain creative segments in the West.

So, the question of the hour is of course regarding the state of recruitment in India after the entry of AI.  What kind of impacts are already visible in the Indian recruitment market? Let’s take a closer look.

Change In Demand

A huge segment of India works as remote customer service agents. Studies show that this particular job role is being fulfilled by ChatGPT and other AI tools. While there is still a need for trained agents to monitor all service calls, it can be gauged that this particular segment will see a fall in recruitment.

AI will also replace more skilled sectors such as translation in the near future. Services like ChatGPT are multilingual, so content creation can be done in any number of languages without spending extra effort.

Specific skills will have more demand in the post-AI market. Sectors such as machine learning and software engineering are going to see a massive surge in hiring if the AI revolution truly takes over India.

Change In the Recruitment Process

It is well known that AI is being used to hire candidates in almost all professional roles. As a result, hiring processes have become much more unidirectional and keyword centric.

The Indian job market has seen various recruitment styles over the years, but with the advent of AI, there will be a new set of roles that the HR teams will have to serve.

Currently using services such as ChatGPT to complete an end-to-end hiring process is still not possible. But with the right guidance, dedicated AI tools can change the way candidates are hired.

What Has Really Changed?

The main shift that we need to focus on is the mindset of the people in the Indian market regarding AI. Tools such as ChatGPT are precursors to a much larger change, and they will become one of the primary drivers of recruitment in the near future. New opportunities for innovation and collaboration lie ahead of us. While AI will not replace human intelligence anytime soon, it will become a part of our everyday professional lives.