How Indian Entrepreneurs Can Work Towards Making AI Trustworthy?

Enterprises across the world are jumping onto the generative AI bandwagon, and it’s time for Indian entrepreneurs to do the same. But, this is easier said than done. Not because there is a lack of talented minds working in the sector, but rather because it can be difficult to gauge how the Indian target audience will react to AI-generated content.

There are many industries such as FMCG that can truly benefit from the use of generative AI-based content for marketing purposes. But, to ensure that the trust factor is retained within the consumer’s psyche, the use of AI-based material needs to be strategic more than anything.

So, if you are a company planning to use generative AI, here are two important aspects to keep in mind to ensure the consumer doesn’t start to question your product.

Ethical Concerns

While AI can be used to lead marketing campaigns, it is imperative that the entire process is overseen by human management. There should be heavy-handed intervention from human quality checkers while using such marketing material.

More than once, AI has been known to generate content that does not tell the truth or the whole truth. If you are a consumer-facing brand, it is extremely important to ensure that you are giving your consumers the truth about your product. This will immediately help them retain the trust factor.

Data Privacy Concerns

Since organizations using AI need to collect customer data in order to train the generative system, it can be in conflict with local data privacy laws. The ethical step here is to inform the consumer right at the onset about the type of data that will be collected from them, and also give them a clear path to refuse if they choose so.

While most consumers are not always worried about their data being collected, stored, and shared with third-party organizations; it is your ethical imperative to maintain the best possible quality of data security standards.

It’s in Your Hands 

Generative AI is definitely here to stay, but how well the consumer will receive it will always depend on the approach that the marketing teams adhere to. If someone is using generative AI and tries to mask it as human-generated content, it will be easily deciphered by most consumers.

Rather, being upfront about the process, and also creating the necessary QCs will help you have a better front as an organization. You can even take it a step further and help elevate public awareness regarding the potential dangers of AI and how your organization is trying to avoid them.

Using generative AI the right way can help foster innovation and propel the company’s growth multifold.