How the “Asian Games” is Helping Propel the Indian Esports Market?

The Esports market in India has been facing massive growth in recent years, almost doubling the number of players from 2021 to 2022. In 2023, the total number of Esports players in the country is set to touch the 25 lakh mark, charting an almost 3x growth.

One of the key factors propelling this unexpected growth is the inclusion of various Esports as a medal event within the prestigious Asian Games. Games such as Street Fighter (the latest version) and FIFA have become some of the top attractions in the Esports category. Indian gamer Mayank Prajapati will be representing the country in the Asian Games Street Fighter competition.

But it’s not the mere fact that the Asian Games establishing the Esports category is helping the Indian Esports market grow by leaps and bounds. There is more to this story.

A Social Change is Taking Place

Esports in India was never considered as a ‘real sport’. Moreover, the video game culture in India has always been an urban close-knit event. Even up to a couple of years ago, it was almost looked at as something that works against intellectual growth.

So, the inclusion of Esports such as Street Fighter and FIFA in a top-tier event such as the Asian Games is not only legitimizing the players but also adding social value to the sport.

Indian society generally looks at sports as a medal event. In 2018, Esports were considered as a demonstration title at the Asian Games, but this did not largely impact the Indian sports sector or the people’s mindset. But, now that it has become a fully legitimate event with medals et al, the general society is not shying away from supporting it.

Government support will always be a major factor, and that is also slowly starting to creep in. The Esports Federation of India (EFSI) has brought forth a US-based coach to train the players and infrastructure is also being upgraded.

However, a lot more can still be done. Charanjot Singh, representing India in the FIFA category at the Asian Games noted that there are many Esports categories where India will not be participating. With the proper training and equipment, our players stand a chance to bring home a lot more medals.

There are also bans in place for certain Esports categories such as PUBG, which was earlier one of the most popular mobile games in the country. So, with careful consideration from the government and the right kind of push from the EFSI, there are miles that can be covered.

But for now, Esports is gaining massive ground and will likely grow even further and rapidly.