India Data Cards Markets Shrinks In 3Q CY 2017

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  • Market share of Reliance Retail shipments dropped down to 57% while Huawei increased to 18% in the overall data cards market in 3Q CY2017.
  • LTE/4G data cards continued its dominance with 99% market share in terms of units shipped.
  • 3G data cards shipments witnessed 36% decline when compared to 2Q CY2017.
  • Market share of LTE/4G based MiFi devices was 82%.
  • When compared to 3Q CY2016 the overall data cards market witnessed 9% decline in 3Q CY2017.

Gurugram/New Delhi, 24 November: The Indian Data cards market witnessed a 72% decline in 3QCY2017, shrinking to 1.1 Million in units/shipments, according to CMR’s India Data Cards Monthly Market Review 3Q CY2017 release.

“July 2017 witnessed comparatively lesser shipments of data cards due to GST impact along with clearing the stocks from previous quarters. August and September 2017 saw an upward trend in the sales because of the offers floated during the festive season,”stated Shipra Sinha Lead Analyst, Industry Intelligence and Channels Research Practices, CyberMedia Research.

 LTE/4G based Mi-Fi devices contributed 82% market share. However, it declined by 77% when compared to 2Q CY2017. Its counterpart USB modem devices contributed 19% to the market share in overall data cards market in terms of units shipped.

Market share of Reliance Retail dropped down to 57% in 3Q CY2017 as against 91% in 2Q CY2017 in terms of units shipped because of the accumulation of higher stocks by the end of 2Q CY2017. Despite this fall, Reliance Retail maintained its number one position in the overall data cards marketHuawei shipments recorded 63% sequential growth in 3Q CY2017 in terms of units shipped.The vendor’s market share increased to 18% in 3Q CY2017 as against 3% in previous Quarter in terms of units shipped.


Reliance Retail’s model JMR 1140 was the fastest moving model followed by its JDR 740 on second position and Huawei’s E5573CS-609 on third spot.

Data card with data rate of 150 Mbps contributed around 88% of overall shipments in 3Q CY2017. Around 64% of Data Cards were found to operate on Qualcomm Chipset in 3Q CY2017 and 92% of data cards were found to sold through operator bundling in 3Q CY 2017.

“LTE/4G based MiFi devices capability to provide superfast and uninterrupted internet, its cost effectiveness, in-built battery, and multiple user support will contribute to its leadership position. The rising acceptance of Mi-Fi’s, primarily driven by Reliance Retail in Tier II and Tier III cities will make way for this device to expand to major parts of India. Fourth quarter is expected to be slow mainly because of the end of all the major festivals and their offers. However, if Reliance Retail continues to push its MiFi models at attractive discounted rates, we will see an upstick in the sales,” Shipra concluded.

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