India digital projector market declines sequentially 25% in 2H FY2013-14, recording fewer than 85K unit shipments

Epson hits top spot again

Market movement towards higher resolution projectors gathers pace

New Delhi / Gurgaon: The India digital projector market registered 84,671 unit shipments during 2H FY2013-14, a decline of 25% in unit shipments declined during 2H FY2013-14, when compared to 1H FY2013-14. This was revealed in the CyberMedia Research report CMR’s India Half Yearly Digital Projector Market Review, 2H FY2013-14, August 2014 release.

Table 1. India Digital Projector Market by Technology and Growth Trends 2H FY2013-14

India Digital Projector Market:  Shares of Leading Vendors

Epson continued to be the market leader in 2H FY2013-14 with a 23% share in terms of unit shipments followed by BenQ. Epson EB-S02 was the fast-moving digital projector model with a 7% share of unit shipments during the period, followed by BenQ MX805ST.

Epson led the market in terms of revenue with a 27% share followed by Panasonic with a 19% share in 2H FY2013-14.

“Delay in attaining BIS product certification along with prevailing low consumer sentiments led to a sharp sequential decline of 25% in unit shipments during 2H FY2013-14. The India digital projector market was also affected by slow business from the Education and Government segment during this period” stated Narinder Kumar, Lead Analyst, InfoTech & Channels Research Practices, CyberMedia Research.

India Digital Projector Market:  Trends by Technology

DLP technology based digital projectors remained the favourite  during 2H FY2013-14 However, shipments of DLP projectors recorded a sequential decline of 25% in 2H FY2013-14, whereas this decline was to the tune of 27% for LCD projectors during the corresponding periods.

India Digital Projector Market:  Trends by Projector Resolution

XGA projectors contributed around half of the unit shipments in 2H FY2013-14, but XGA projectors also registered a sequential decline of 22% in terms of unit shipments during 2H FY2013-14.

“The digital projector market, which was moving towards higher resolution categories, witnessed a temporary, regressive shift towards SVGA projectors in 1H FY2013-14 due to upward price revisions by vendors. In 2H FY2013-14, the market realigned to its earlier trend. As a results, shares of other resolution categories like WUXGA, 720P and 1020P increased in 2H FY2013-14 in terms of unit shipments, when compared to the earlier half” added Narinder.

India Digital Projector Market:  Trends by Brightness

Projectors of brightness range 2501-3000 lumens were leading contributors with a 67% share in terms of unit shipments during 2H FY2013-14. Projectors with 3000 lumens brightness were the favourite pick and  contributed around 30% of overall shipments during 2H FY2013-14. Shipments of 3501 lumens or greater brightness projectors grew sequentially by 2% in 2H FY2013-14 on a small base as a result of higher shipments by Panasonic and Hitachi in this category.

Projector Average Sales Value (ASV) Trends

The Average Sales Value (ASV) of projectors in 2H FY2013-14 improved by 5% sequentially, on account of market movement towards better resolutions.

Future Outlook

“The India digital projector market, which has been declining over the last couple of quarters, is likely to take a ‘U’ turn towards growth in the medium term. Finalisation of delayed government projects is likely to provide a healthy uplift to unit shipments, along with expected enhanced buying by the corporate sector. ”, Maninder Singh, Analyst, InfoTech & Channels Research Practices, CyberMedia Research.

“The Education sector holds a large potential for digital projectors where educational system integrators (SI) like Educomp, Edurite, Tata Interactive, Next Education and others will play an important role in contributing to the growth in adoption of the digital classroom concept”,  Maninder concluded.

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