Over 72% of Users Replaced their Existing Indian Brand Smartphone in 2Q 2018; Xiaomi LED The Gainer Brands With 37% Additions

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CMR releases the top 5 gainers and losers of the quarter in Smartphones.

New Delhi / Gurugram: Wednesday, August 8, 2018 – As per CMR’s India Smartphone Movement Report, 2Q 2018, released today, Xiaomi added the most 36.9% of new devices across India followed by Vivo, Oppo, itel and Huawei (Honor).  During the period, the fastest depleting brands in the category were Micromax, Intex, HTC, Karbonn and Gionee.

Releasing the first edition of the report, Kanika Jain, Manager, New Initiatives said, “Customer stickiness is the paramount concern that home grown brands need to address immediately.  Consumers continue to swap their existing Smartphones with the new ones offered by Chinese brands resulting in fast erosion of total installed base of the local Indian brands.”

“This is a very grave situation for such brands as they cannot work on any strategy to monetise on the base as it continues to deplete every quarter,” concluded Kanika.

The report further identifies that the replacement market continues to grow in the country and as of 2Q 2018, 59% of the Smartphones sold were actually upgrades/replacements to existing Smartphones. There is still 41% of new Smartphone market development occurring in the country, which could be a pie that the domestic brands should focus upon.  However, that is also witnessing competition because of the cannibalisation of Fusion Phones, especially in the Smartphone range of up to Rs 4,000.

About CMR’s India Smartphone Movement Report

The report is based on the analysis of over 200 million users across the country, where the device movements of users are captured and analysed using big data analytics techniques.  Part of the Mobilytiks program of CMR, this report specifically identifies the trends regarding how Smartphones move in the hands of consumers giving insights about switching, new versus replacement and gaining and depleting brands, technologies and price segments.

About Mobilytiks

Mobilytiks is the only big data driven analytics programme for devices – Smartphones, Featurephones, Data Cards and Tablets in India.

Analysing, every month data at granular levels across the states of the country, it presents different dimensions to the decision makers allowing them to craft hyperlocal strategies across various geographies in India.

Mobilytiks also gives insights based on installed base of devices in the country. These become paramount as the market hits a plateau in terms of growth and all players, especially incumbents look for their strengths from within the existing base. For the new entrants, Mobilytiks throws up insights beyond averages helping them priorities their focus by going aggressively after the growth opportunity markets due for replacements and upgrades.

If you have any queries on Mobilytiks, please get in touch with us on mobilytiks@cmrindia.com and we would be happy to take the conversation forward.

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