India Consumer External HDD Market Registers 19% Growth IN 2Q CY2018: CMR

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  • Seagate and WD together captured 78% of the External HDD market.
  • Internal SSD witnessed 14% sequential growth in terms of unit shipments.
  • QNAP Systems dominated the NAS (Network Attached Storage) market.

Gurugram/New Delhi, Sep 12, 2018: The India External HDD market witnessed 19% growth when compared to 1Q CY2018 in terms of unit shipments, according to CMR’s India Hard Drive Market Review for 2Q CY2018.

“Advent of a new financial year and session marked the growth in External HDD shipments. 2.5” External HDD was the growth driver in its segment. Similarly, Internal SSD also witnessed growth for the same reason along with 3D NAND Flash technology implementation in the manufacturing process,” observed Shipra Sinha, Lead Analyst, CyberMedia Research

External HDD

2.5” form factor external HDD because of its portability witnessed 19% sequential growth in terms of unit shipments. 3.5” form factor contributed 4% to the external HDD market.

1 TB capacity segment being the most popular among customers was the top contributor with around 55% market share. 2 TB contributed 29% market share and witnessed 35% sequential growth in terms of unit shipments.


Internal SSD was the major contributor with huge 98% share in terms of unit shipments. External SSD contributed just 2% of the overall SSD market.

SATA interface captured 85% of the Internal SSD market due to its cost effectiveness followed by M.2 interface which contributed 13% in terms of unit shipments.

In terms of capacity, 240-480GB contributed 46% market share in the Internal SSD market. However, 480-512GB category contributed 64% market share in the External SSD category.

Future Trends

According to Shipra, “Extra data storage needs for activities like video editing, gaming, use of heavy software’s accompanied with appeal, durability and portability at less price by the consumers will drive the growth of External HDD market. Internal SSD market is expected to grow QoQ on account of its durability, less power consumption and speed.3D implementation in the manufacturing process will further fuel the growth of SSDs.”

“We anticipate the External HDD market to reach around 6 Lacs in 3Q CY2018.External HDD is sold extensively through ecommerce platforms hence lucrative online deals during the festive season will act as a catalyst in its growth in the 3Q CY2018” added Shipra.

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