India digital projector market registers shipments of 1.14 lakh units in 1H FY 2013-14, declines 6% over 2H FY 2012-13



Price revision due to exchange rate fluctuation makes SVGA resolution projectors and 2000-2500 lumens brightness projectors more attractive to buyers

New Delhi / Gurgaon: The India digital projector market recorded total shipments of 1.14 lakh units during 1H FY2014 (April 2013 to September 2013). This was a decline of 6% in unit shipments, as compared to the previous half year (October 2012 to March 2013). These numbers were revealed in the CyberMedia Research report CMR’s India Half Yearly Digital Projector Market Review, 1H FY 2013-14, March 2014 release.

Table 1. India Digital Projector Market by Technology and Growth Trends:  1H FY 2013-14

Source: CMR’s India Half Yearly Digital Projector Market Review, 1H FY 2013-14, March 2014 release
Source: CMR’s India Half Yearly Digital Projector Market Review, 1H FY 2013-14, March 2014 release

India Digital Projector Market:  Shares of Leading Vendors (unit shipments)

Epson emerged as market leader with a 21% share in unit shipment terms, displacing BenQ from the top spot. Optoma was at third position supported by deals in the Education vertical. Panasonic captured fourth spot followed by Sony at fifth position during 1H FY 2013-14.

 “Prevailing low consumer sentiments, longer corporate refresh cycles along with upward price revision resulted in decline of projector shipments in India during 1H FY 2013-14. The market was also impacted by the slow pace of business from the Government segment” stated Narinder Kumar, Analyst, InfoTech Research Practices, CyberMedia Research.

“In cases vendors witnessed delay in grant of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification for their respective models. This added to the woes of the India projector market”, Narinder added.

India Digital Projector Market:  Shares by Technology (unit shipments)

DLP remained the leading technology during 1H FY 2013-14 in terms of market share of unit shipments in India. However, the DLP projector market registered a decline of 8% in absolute unit shipment terms, when compared to the previous half year.

Vendors also revised the prices across SKUs, owing to the prolonged pressure built up due to decline of the Indian Rupee against the US Dollar. This resulted in steep increase in prices of XGA, WXGA and other higher resolution projectors. As a result, shipments of the relatively more affordable SVGA resolution projectors grew by 27% in 1H FY 2013-14 compared to the previous half year.

Similarly, projectors of brightness levels ranging between 2000-2500 lumens witnessed a 41% growth in unit shipments in 1H FY 2013-14. This preference for projectors with a relatively lower level brightness beat the earlier trend, and can be attributed to the much steeper hike in landed prices of projector models in the 2500-3000 lumens, 3000-3500 lumens and higher brightness projectors.

Average Sales Value (ASV)

The Average Sales Value (ASV) of projectors in 1H FY 2013-14 increased by 6% on account of price revision by vendors. The market witnessed growth of relatively low cost resolution SVGA and mid-level brightness segment (2000-2500 lumens). Thus, the market actually deviated from the earlier trend of movement towards better resolution and higher brightness projectors.

Epson EB-S02 and BenQ MS50P were leading models with around 7% market share each. DLP models largely ruled the leading models list, with Top 3 models shipped being SVGA resolution projectors.

2700 lumens was the ‘modal’ value of brightness for projectors shipped in India during 1H FY 2013-14, while 2.0-2.9 kg was the range for ‘most favoured’ weight range during 1H FY2013-14. Heavy projectors of 4 kg and higher weight segments declined by 14% in this half year as compared to previous half year. Education segment continued to be largest buyer of projectors. However, this segment too witnessed a decline of 2% in absolute shipment terms. Absence of large deals skewed business away from the Government segment, with shipments declining by as much as 30% in 1H FY 2013-14, as compared to the previous half year.

“The India digital projector market is likely to remain unchanged in the near future. However, post the general elections in April-May 2014, the market is likely to revive on account of revival of delayed government projects, where Education and e-Governance are the focus areas. Corporate buying is expected to grow in the longer run, as the general business sentiment revives”, Narinder stated further.

“System Integrators are expected to play a key role in influencing classroom content delivery and pedagogy followed and by educational institutions. This will be true of both the government as well as private sectors. Finally, the Home Entertainment segment, currently a niche, holds good potential for growth, as a future revenue stream for vendors”, Narinder concluded.

Notes for Editors

  1. CyberMedia Research (CMR) is a pioneering market intelligence and consulting firm that runs a comprehensive half yearly market update on the India Digital Projector market. CMR’s India Half Yearly Digital Projector Market Review consists of projectors below or equal to 6000 lumens brightness rating. It does not include parallel imports, ‘grey’ market or refurbished projectors.
  2. CMR uses the term ‘shipments’ to describe the number of projectors leaving the factory premises for OEM sales or stocking by distributors and retailers. For the convenience of media, the term shipment has been interchangeably used with ‘sales’ in the press release, but this reflects the market size in terms of units of projectors and not their absolute value. In the case of digital projectors imported into the country, it represents the number leaving the first warehouse to OEMs, distributors and retailers.
  3. CMR estimates the total revenues of digital projectors shipped (sold) in the India market on the basis of average sales value (ASV) or ‘street price’ which the end customer pays for the product.