India External HDD Market Upsurges by 38% in 1Q 2019: CMR

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  • Seagate maintained its market leadership.
  • 5” External HDD sustained its popularity.
  • 1TB and 2TB together contributed 84% market share in terms of unit shipments.

Gurugram/New Delhi, May 30, 2019: India External HDD (2.5” & 3.5”) market recorded 38% sequential growth in terms of unit shipments. When compared to the 1Q 2018 the market was flat, according to CMR’s India Hard Drive Market Review for 1Q CY2019.

“Although 2.5” external HDD captured the major chunk of the market, remarkable growth was seen in the 3.5” category. Its shipments grew by more than 200% when compared to the last quarter. The uncertainty around the policies due to the forthcoming general elections have forced brands to be ready with ample stock. Online deals and a fresh new year also contributed to the growth of the overall market, observed Shipra Sinha, Lead Analyst, CyberMedia Research

Internal SSD, External SSD, Wireless and NAS

External SSD also recorded 45% sequential growth in its shipments. Samsung captured around 58% market share followed by WDC.

WDC was the only contributor in the wireless category.

QNAP dominated the diskless NAS market followed by Netgear. Dual Bay NAS was the most popular category in terms of unit shipments.

SATA (2.5” and M.2) interface was the major contributor with 97% market share in the overall internal SSD market in terms of unit shipment due to its affordability. PCIe/NVMe contributed just 3% of the overall Internal SSD market.

Future Trends

According to Shipra, “Internal SSD will witness a huge growth and will come out as a tough competition to the external HDDs mainly because of they being quicker, quieter and consume less power. The average household data storage consumption has grown due to extensive use of social media, online commerce etc., thus generating large amount of digital content and the need of more storage capacity. This will drive the growth of the overall hard drives market in future. External SSD is also expected to grow but at a moderate level, price being one of the major barriers.”

 “We anticipate External HDD market to witness a single digit growth between 5 to 7% in FY2019-20. However, a double-digit growth is anticipated for the External and Internal SSD categories in the same period.” added Shipra.

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