India’s Tablet Market Gears Up for 5G with 130% QoQ Growth in Shipments in Q1 2024, says CMR

Prabhu Ram, Head - Industry Intelligence Group

Prabhu Ram, Head - Industry Intelligence Group

  • A significant premiumization trend, with a 47% QoQ increase in tablets priced between INR 20,000-30,000.
  • Wi-Fi tablets dominated the market, capturing a 52% market share in Q1 2024.

New Delhi/Gurugram, 7 May 2024: CyberMedia Research (CMR) has released its Tablet PC India Market Report Review for Q1 2024. In Q1 2024, the India tablet market experienced a robust 8% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) growth, primarily propelled by the strong demand for 5G tablets. Shipments of 5G tablets surged by an impressive 130% QoQ, constituting a substantial portion of the market. Additionally, the overall tablet market demonstrated a robust 18% year-on-year (YoY) growth in Q1 2024.

“The rapid rollout of 5G infrastructure and the increasing availability of 5G-enabled tablets are fueling a consumer desire for future-proofing themselves with 5G tablets. This, combined with the presence of feature-rich tablets across price-points is propelling tablets to become pivotal tools in consumers’ lives.   Even amidst economic challenges, the Indian tablet market has shown remarkable resilience, suggesting strong potential for continued growth,” said Menka Kumari, Analyst – Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), CyberMedia Research (CMR).

Samsung Leads, Apple & Lenovo Follow in Q1 2024:

  • Samsung reclaimed the top position with a commanding 37% market share, driven by a strong b2b deal and popular models like the Tab A7 Lite and Galaxy Tab A9 Plus.
  • Apple secured a solid 21% share, primarily due to the success of its Apple iPad 10 and 9 Series.
  • Lenovo secured the third position with a 17% market share. The Tab M10 Gen 3 and Tab M11 models were key contributors to Lenovo’s success, particularly in the value segment.
  • Xiaomi‘s growth skyrocketed by >900% YoY, albeit from a small base. This growth was largely propelled by the success of its Xiaomi Pad 6 model, which contributed to a dominant 51% share of Xiaomi’s tablet shipments.

Premium Segment Soars:

The premium tablet segment (INR 20,000-30,000) experienced a remarkable 47% QoQ jump, indicating a clear shift towards high-end devices.

Wi-Fi Still Relevant:

Despite the 5G surge, Wi-Fi tablets maintained a dominant 52% market share, showcasing their continued relevance.

Tablet Market Outlook for CY2024

CyberMedia Research (CMR) forecasts a steady 5-10% growth for the tablet market in 2024, fueled by a wave of technological advancements. Faster processors, widespread 5G adoption, and the potential for innovative displays like OLED will all enhance user experiences and drive market expansion.

“With smartphone brands focusing on the Tablet PC market, we foresee intensified competition and innovation, reshaping the Tablet market with more diverse and feature-rich options for consumers. The potential debut of premium tablets with OLED displays  will further fuel the growth momentum of the premium segment. We also anticipate that government and education initiatives following the general elections might provide a significant boost to the market,” added Menka.

Notes for Editors

  • This release is based on the CyberMedia Research (CMR) India Quarterly Tablet PC Market Review published at the conclusion of every calendar quarter.
  • The figures captured are of both enterprise and consumer shipments.
  • CyberMedia Research (CMR) uses the term ‘shipments’ to describe the number of Tablets leaving the factory premises for OEM sales or stocking by distributors and retailers. For the convenience of media, the term ‘shipments’ is sometimes replaced or used interchangeably with “sales” in the press release, but this reflects the market size in terms of units of Tablets and not their absolute value. In the case of Tablets imported into the country it represents the number leaving the first warehouse to OEMs, distributors and retailers. CyberMedia Research does not track the number of Tablets brought on their person by individual passengers landing on Indian soil from overseas destinations or ‘grey’ market Tablets (if any).