Hope you and all your loved ones are doing well, and in good health, in these uncertain times where we are all confronted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

As we adjust to the new business realities, and work from home, we are cognizant of the challenges ahead of us. Given all the necessary restrictions to confront Coronavirus, we understand from our market discussions that enterprises are facing a challenge with their go-to-market initiatives.

At CMR, we felt it is important to reach out to you directly, and see how we could support and enable your market outreach during this period. Whether it be through our primary research-led market engagements including through our bespoke webinar series, centered around key stakeholder communities, we believe we can support and deliver on your ongoing business and market outreach needs, during this unprecedented period of uncertainty.

Am sure that together we will make it happen through this period. And, we are with you.

Warm regards

Thomas George