February 27, 2015: While a lot of advisories have been issued across the country by a number of agencies and authorities about the preventive measures that we should take in order to safeguard ourselves from Swine Flu virus, somewhere we are missing on one of the widely available carriers – the mobile phone.

A leaflet released by NHS (National Health Service) of UK educating about preventions reads that device like mobile phones can also potentially become carriers of the virus as after sneezing, etc., there is a possibility of the virus getting carried over to such devices and others might get affected.

In light of above advisory, the authorities in India are missing on this essential part. While a lot of emphasis is being laid on putting on masks, washing hands, face, etc. regularly, there is no awareness done about cleaning of devices, especially mobile phones, which nowadays are almost 24 hours with individuals and remain in hands for a considerable period of the day.

Since, there is a risk of the H1N1 virus contaminating our hands; a mobile phone has all the potential of carrying the virus and further to people in our proximity – essentially within family, offices, etc.The thing further worsens knowing the reality of how rarely we clean mobile phones properly with a cleaner available in the markets.

Further we are risking our dear ones, for instance, children, who usually play with our mobile phones and tablets after our office hours.So while we take every precaution by cleaning all advised parts of our body and look for overall hygiene, it is imperative on each one of us that we also clean the gadgets we use frequently, especially mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

The idea of sharing this note is not to panic anybody but to flag a genuine concern which is perhaps not being given due attention while we all are trying our best by taking all precautionary measures.So, let’s keep on using the devices as shunning them would be next to impossible, but with a bit of care and cleanliness.

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