Apple recently announced its 2018 lineup of smartphones— the iPhone XS Max with 6.5 inch screen, the XS with 5.8 inch screen, and the entry level, XR with 6.1 inch screen. All three iPhones come with clear product and pricing segmentation, and are in line with Apple’s strategy of focusing on pricing alone, instead of volumes, where Apple’s brand pull in itself is able to sustain its growth on the basis of average sales revenue from each iPhone. Alongside, Apple has introduced a price-cut on older generation iPhones in India, and offered promotional offers as well.

Going forward, we believe the new iPhone XS Max will have an initial wave of euphoria, and the iPhone XR will also attract significant eyeballs from Apple loyalists in India. CMR anticipates the replacement and upgrade cycles for iPhones limited to the older generation iPhone flagships that have seen a price cut, including iPhone 8, 8 plus, iPhone 7 and 7 plus, with loyal Apple consumers being prodded to go in for an upgrade.With the teeming Android Hemisphere offering an array of choices to consumers, including upcoming premium flagships by OnePlus and others, the going will not be easy for Apple.

About Mobilytiks 

Mobilytiks is the only big data driven analytics programme for devices – Smartphones, Featurephones, Data Cards and Tablets in India.

Analysing, every month data at granular levels across the states of the country, it presents different dimensions to the decision makers allowing them to craft hyperlocal strategies across various geographies in India.

Mobilytiks also gives insights based on installed base of devices in the country. These become paramount as the market hits a plateau in terms of growth and all players, especially incumbents look for their strengths from within the existing base. For the new entrants, Mobilytiks throws up insights beyond averages helping them priorities their focus by going aggressively after the growth opportunity markets due for replacements and upgrades.

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