The Government of India (GoI) has recognized the key role of infrastructure in accelerating the momentum of economic development. As per the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-12), an investment of US$ 444 Billion (Source: Planning Commission, Government of India) was projected for infrastructure projects, which were more than twice the investment during the Tenth Plan.

However, the ambitious target for investment in infrastructure is constrained by the limitations of available budget. Hence, the big-ticket investments of GoI would have to rely largely on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). As a result, the role of private investment in funding infrastructure projects assumes greater significance.

For financially-viable projects, PPPs are increasingly becoming the preferred mode of project implementation, especially in Highways and Mass Rapid Transit Systems like Metro Rail, Mono Rail, Bus Rapid Transit etc.

In addition, there are various initiatives and policies of the government to encourage adoption of smart technologies like Automatic Fare Collection, Electronic Toll Collection, Highway Traffic Management System etc. in mega-infrastructure projects.

Presently, the adoption level of smart technologies in such projects is at a nascent stage in India. However, this is expected to increase manifold, in the backdrop of ever-increasing efforts and focus from various stakeholders.

Such a scenario provides immense business opportunities for ICT vendors and System Integrators. The current bouquet of syndicated reports of CMR on the India Smart Infrastructure domain would help ICT players in determining the attractiveness and probability of success in this market.

The contents of a typical CMR syndicated report include:
Industry Overview & Trends

  • Government Policies & Initiatives
  • Eco-System and its Stakeholders
  • Current Market Size
  • Future Market Growth
  • Key Upcoming Infrastructure Projects
  • Competition Landscape
  • Key Players and their Profiles
  • Future Outlook

CMR Smart Infrastructure Practice Expertise Areas

  • Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS

* Toll Collection System
* Highway Traffic Management System
* Bus Rapid Transit