E-Book: 9 Steps to Disaster Recovery Planning

Disasters are unpredictable. Disaster recovery shouldn’t be. Ensure your organization has a framework ensuring data recovery is planned, predictable and controlled. Nine Steps to Building a Business-Oriented Disaster Recovery Plan will help you organize your thoughts, ask the right questions, and develop the right disaster recovery strategy that aligns with your business. This ebook:

  • Outlines steps to building a business-oriented data recovery plan
  • Identifies the top business-threatening disasters
  • Reviews data recovery tools and techniques

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Technical Brief: Not all deduplication is created equal

Exponential data growth takes a toll on your storage budget. Up to now, data deduplication relied on hardware appliances or was tied to only one vendor’s backup solution. With QoreStor, you get a pure software solution that you can run on virtually any server hardware and use with most backup solutions. It delivers content-aware variable-block deduplication with built-in compression and encryption that delivers unparalleled storage savings — up to 93%. See how much your storage will shrink with Quest QoreStor deduplication.

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Whitepaper: Rethinking Your Data Deduplication Strategy in the Software-defined Data Center

As companies begin their journey toward the software-defined data center of tomorrow, each component of their data center comes under scrutiny to determine its fit in this new world. While many layers of the data center already have software-defined offerings, data deduplication targets remain hardware centric. These solutions must evolve to become software centric to co-exist both on-premises and in the cloud. As this evolution occurs, companies will find that software-defined storage (SDS) deduplication target solutions will drive cost out of their environment even as they give companies more flexibility and lower their overall data center costs. This whitepaper explains the technology, use cases and benefits of a software-defined deduplication solution.

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