Why Google CEO Is Pushing For Digital Regulatory Frameworks in India

Sundar Pichai recently spoke at the ‘Google for India’ event and mentioned some key steps for the country’s digital transformation. While most of his speech outlined the Personal Data Protection bill, his inputs regarding building digital regulatory frameworks in the country are creating waves.

The Google and Alphabet CEO mentioned that India is being considered as a leader in terms of rapid digital transformation and a leader it needs to ensure the protection of its people. The Indian government is already trying to create two particular bills that will spearhead this idea, the new Telecommunications Bill and the Data Protection bill.

Pichai also spoke about how regulatory frameworks that help people remain safe on the internet also help startups as it ultimately creates an ecosystem. But he also mentioned how these frameworks must be created keeping in mind the laws of the land, thereby making them unique to the ecosystem.

We must look at this with more scrutiny than usual because it might hold the future steps for India’s digital journey.

A Move Towards Innovation

According to the Google CEO, digital frameworks that are customized to regional requirements always allow for a certain level of innovation from stakeholder companies. So, in the case of India, where he says, “There’s no better time to do a startup”, the need for such innovation is highly necessary.

And beyond innovation, if we truly dream of a country that is digitally connected end to end, the framework needs to keep in mind the amount of social diversity that is present and their vastly different digital requirements.

Nasscom recently led a meeting between industry stakeholders and the IT minister, and they discussed the various aspects of the Data Protection bill and how it can address diverse needs. The IT minister mentioned that once the bill is finalized, it will allow for strengthening cross-border data flow without disrupting the safety factor.

Overall, India is definitely off to a good start in the right direction, and the “Google for India” event showcased that the mindset of one of the world’s biggest tech leaders is already being implemented in India. Soon, when these bills are perfected, they will allow for the promised innovation and safety in the tech sector.