A CMR-HP CIO Summit 2014

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Support Services

Today’s converged, virtualized, and cloud-based environments offer game-changing benefits. But to take full advantage of them, you will need more than business-as-usual support.

The technology support services by a vendor, integrate with the intelligent technologies built into the converged infrastructure to proactively address problems before they occur. Improve first time resolution rates and reduce downtime.

Proactive Services

When technology issues arise, critical business processes can slow down or stop, and the problem snowballs. The proactive care by technology vendors enables you to anticipate problems and correct them before they disrupt workflow.
It gives you greater control over your infrastructure, without adding to your workload. In fact, proactive problem resolution includes automated support to make everyone’s job easier.

Lifecycle Event Services

The new IT reality poses many challenges. Partner with people who understand those challenges and who’ve already grappled with and resolved many of the issues you’re facing now. The experts from the vendor’s Lifecycle Event Services can help optimize your infrastructure, address server and storage issues, train staff, develop steps to virtualization and the cloud—whatever you need.

Datacenter Care

Many leaders in the Telco industry are reducing complexity, risks, time, and costs with Datacenter Care. There is so much change coming to the industry, so it’s important to operate your entire infrastructure at peak efficiency.
With Datacenter Care you get reactive and proactive support and preemptive management for your entire infrastructure, including networking. It gives you the flexibility to configure it to meet your specific needs: Primary Service Provider simplifies support for your entire multivendor IT landscape. Flexible Capacity offers you immediate access to the required amount of onsite capacity and the ability to pay for only what you use.

There is so much change coming to the industry, it’s important to operate your entire infrastructure at peak efficiency, while incorporating enablers such as Software Defined Networking (SDN). SDN lets you provision network resources at the speed of business.