A CMR Roundtable for Technology Policy Makers





Unstructured data continues to explode. The need to retain, manage and effectively analyse large data defines the contours of new storage capabilities. The storage industry has served up a variety of innovations to rewrite the rules of scale, performance and efficiency of data management.

Adoption of clustered, scale out storage solutions are on the rise to provide a boost to performance, availability and scalability while pushing a reduction of downtime and costs.

Flash and solid-state disk are serving use cases which thrive on high performance and ever increasing capacity of flash technology coupled with a drop in prices are likely to trigger adoption. Hybrid arrays for shared infrastructure and all flash arrays are gaining popularity for the highly demanding applications.

The choices of deploying applications to the cloud has increased manifold. To choose and distribute over private, public or a hybrid model requires planning and analysis. Reliability, security and availability of applications and services are of utmost importance and a careful balance needs to be maintained with the costs involved.

As the storage industry undertakes a rapid journey of changes, it remains inadequate to just focus on the technology beneath; but provisioning, deployment, management and consumption of storage also gains prominence.

The Indian government is in the middle of the reforming and delivering more efficient and cost effective services. E-governance has already gathered steam and intends to transform the business of governance to an inexpensive, transparent and encompassing one.

As part of that initiative, the government has started to digitize the enormously insane number of records in its possession which include land registration records, passport details, income details, variety of infrastructure services, knowledge network, vehicle registration details among others. This has led to the challenge of designing an effective strategy of storage. A strategy that will ensure the services are available and delivered reliably and securely to the citizens.

If the country has to prosper, the Government of India Technology Policy Makers: Champions of change has to undergo a paradigm shift in the way govt. has been delivering on the promises of providing transparent, effective, efficient, responsive and accountable governance.