A CyberMedia Roundtable




In today’s connected world the success of your business is increasingly determined by your ability to use data to create a differentiating customer experience. Today, despite the use of dedicated tools by organizations, there are many instances when customers do not find products available in the shops they visit. Most firms lose revenue opportunities due to product being out-of-stock. The availability of products at the right place and time, leads to better customer service and improved revenues. Improving real time visibility of sales & inventory and improving transparency and collaboration with trade partners will help market differentiation and revenue growth.

This round table session organized by CyberMedia Research will dive deeper into best practices in distributor RoI improvement and partner collaboration, and will provide insights on:

 How to increase supply chain visibility and flexibility?
 How to reduce supply chain complexity to improve efficiency?
 How to gain visibility across the supply chain?
 How to gain flexibility to add service and new product lines?