Big Data & Analytics for Manufacturing




Manufacturers have a long history of using instrumentation to monitor the health and status of equipment.One result of their asset intensive nature is that they typically generate more data than other industries.Big data and analytics technology provides powerful new capabilities that can make sense of all this data and deliver new insights to help manufacturers get the most of their equipment investments. With big data and analytics, manufacturers can move beyond traditional monitoring and time – based equipment maintenance to a more agile, real-time predictive maintenance.

To capitalize on market opportunities, industrial manufacturers must uncover insights from data and content found within sensors, maintenance logs, and enterprise and production systems.
Industrial companies of all types must be highly efficient to meet demand,production and supply requirements, while carefully managing costs and resources. Whether in automotive, aerospace,defense, chemicals, petroleum, electronics or industrial products, companies can benefit from deeper insights into operations, market demand, inventory and performance.

These are some of the question on today’s decision makers minds.

• How can we improve visibility into raw materials and inventory levels throughout the entire supply chain?
• Which product features are most valuable to our customers, and which are not needed?
• What processes can we put into place to reduce operating costs and better project financial performance?
• How can we more accurately predict supply chain disruptions and
• maintenance needs to minimize their impact on our business?

To find answers to these questions & more join us for a round table on Big Data & Analytics for Manufacturing.