CMR EdTech India Awards 2017



Technology Provider of the Year

The Technology Provider of the Year will recognize technology companies that have enabled innovations impacting the quality, accessibility and availability of educational tools in the classroom.

Nominations for the awards will have to address the following:

  • Technology Enablement on campus, classroom, administration, positively impacting the learning experience for students and faculty, and smoothened administrative functions for administrators.
  • Technology-led Enablement of Content Creation in traditional and virtual classroom environment, leading to enhanced pedagogy, and best use of learning content.
  • Innovations in Technology Enablement in a virtual environment (MOOCs/Virtual Campus), leading to enhanced student intake, participation and success.
  1. Technology Deployment should be quantifiable and have a positive impact, among others,  on one or all of the following areas:
    • Streamlined Admissions Process
    • Enhanced Pedagogy
    • Enhanced Student Engagement
    • Improved Student Recruitment
    • Monitoring of Faculty Feedback

To participate, please click here