CMR EdTech India Awards 2017



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Are you an educational institute that has leveraged digital technologies to transform teaching?Have you created exceptional technology that could change the landscape of pedagogy in India?
Have you created a service offering that has had an immensely positive impact on education institutes?

If your answer is YES to having done any one or more of the above in the past year, then you qualify to file your nomination for CMR’s EdTech India Awards 2017!

The CMR EdTech India Awards 2017 aim to recognize technology initiatives that are positively impacting the education landscape in India, in terms of accessibility and availability to quality pedagogy.

The Awards acknowledge the adoption, use and deployment of technological innovations in the classroom by the institution, innovative technology offerings for the education sector by established vendors or even tech startups.

As we intend to recognize not only quality work by an institute, but innovations by vendors as well, the awards would be given for the following categories:

So what are you waiting for? If you think your innovation fits the bill, then please go through our nomination rules and file your nomination.