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The requirements for delivering employee and customer applications have never been more similar. Largely due to mobile working, the BYOD (bring your own device) movement, and the webification of the data center, organizations are forced to deliver internal employee applications to meet demands and expectations similar to those for external, customer-facing applications. With a broad range of devices to support and varying connectivity profiles, IT must deliver secure access from anywhere and on any device, quickly and with 24-hour availability, always.As business demands evolve, there’s an increasing need to manage users from any location on any device and securely connect them to applications that might live anywhere. The only way you can manage mobile device and application growth simultaneously is with an Intelligent Services Framework (ISF) that applies application delivery policies to all application requests—in both directions—to effectively ensure the speed, security, and availability required to meet your business needs.

The intelligent services framework acts as a full proxy—a broker between the users and applications—to provide application delivery awareness at strategic points of control both on- and off-premises. This awareness is achieved through three main components:

Application awareness: Total insight into how the application is supposed to look on the wire 

User awareness: Ability to see which users are trying to access which applications from which devices

Resource awareness: Real-time visibility into the entire Application Delivery Network by tying all the pieces of the application delivery infrastructure together 

The ISF combines strategic awareness with network intelligence to deliver the services that solve today’s application delivery challenges.

Application fluency and scale

The ISF starts with hardware and software purpose-built to deliver applications. The hardware and software components work together to provide complete control and are designed to scale up in the data center and out to off-premises locations like the cloud.

Unified services
Many point products on the market try to solve one singular problem at one location in the data center. But point products can’t address all application delivery services at once or provide enough visibility and context. The ISF has deep visibility and context-awareness across the entire infrastructure to understand how to manage application delivery from the app down to the end-user.

Unmatched programmability

Although ISF already knows how to manage application delivery in thousands of scenarios as every customer environment is always unique.

Benefits of the Intelligent Services Framework for an Enterprise 

Fast: Improves performance, increases employee productivity, boosts business operations and drives e-commerce revenue.

Available: Efficiently delivers highly reliable application services while maintaining maximum availability regardless of location or state.

Secure: Delivers applications to high-performance mobile and remote users while providing dynamic, flexible and powerful security.