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As business dependency on IT grows, organizations need to ensure that datacenters have the flexibility to address ever-changing business demand. Industry trends show that most customers have issues related to data growth, system performance and scalability, effective utilization of resources, energy consumption, tracking and handling of assets, migration to new environment and network congestion to name a few.

Pretty much all types of companies and organizations eventually feel the pain of inadequate data center facilities. One of the biggest challenges facing today’s organizations is building data centers that are equipped to meet their near-term IT infrastructure requirements while having the flexibility to grow with evolving business needs.

Industry Challenges 

Changing business needs, new application developments, and IT infrastructure advances all happen too quickly for yesterday’s data center to accommodate. In fact, the entire life cycle of the data center, the technology within it, and the business it supports must be brought into synchronization. Overbuilding is cost prohibitive, and building only to meet immediate needs doesn’t account for future growth.

  • Inadequate IT infrastructure footprint in data centers
  • Low utilization of IT infrastructure in data centers
  • Long provisioning times
  • High operational costs
  • Complex IT Infrastructure management
  • Large expenditure on vendor-specific point productsThe Answer Lies in Data Center Management Services

CMR is of the opinion that enterprises would be interested in DC Management Services because the approach which is taken provides a holistic view of data center change events and ecosystems of various vendors to coordinate the management of complex IT projects and enable organizations to expand, operate, and evolve their data centers in an adaptable, cost-effective manner.

HP Flexible Capacity

HP Flexible Capacity is a scalable computing offering that is designed to provide customers with the cost benefits of a public cloud experience and the security and control benefits associated with on-premise IT. The service supports servers, storage, networking, software, and converged systems. HP Flexible Capacity delivers the ability to pay as you go using opex rather than capex.

HP Flexible Capacity is designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Elastic capacity that enables provisioning in minutes, not weeks
  • Zero up-front capital investment with payment through opex
  • Optimized cash flows
  • Pay per use, match consumption
  • Enterprise-grade service for operational efficiency
  • Unlimited capacity with capacity refreshed as it is used