CMR-IBM Analytics Forum 2013



Where does BA fit in the Business Value Chain? In today’s fast globalising environment, Indian business enterprises have realised the importance of Business Intelligence (BI) or Business Analytics (BA) solutions as a ‘must have’ tool that can directly contribute to building long term growth and profitability. However, in spite being high on the wish list of CIOs, it is yet to reach the level of adoption and deployment that should be expected. Fortunately, the awareness and adoption of BI solutions among Indian enterprises is on the rise. Moreover, in the context of an economic slowdown, BI solutions become a desirable implementation that can help enterprise top managements get deeper insights into business dynamics. According to CyberMedia Research, the India Business Intelligence / Business Analytics market is slated to grow at a CAGR of 23% for the period 2010-2014. High growth sectors such as Telecommunications and BFSI have started expressing keen interest in such solutions, and this trend is expected to be replicated by other key verticals. 



Key Topics of Discussion at the Forum 

  • Business Issues: Opportunity to enable innovative new business models; Potential for new insights that drive competitive advantage 
  • Technical Issues: Data collected and stored continues to grow exponentially and it is increasingly everywhere and in many formats. The traditional solutions are failing under new requirements 
  • Financial Imperatives: Cost of data systems, as a percentage of IT spend, continues to grow and so the cost advantages of commodity hardware & open source software 
  • BI & Predictive Analytics Markets: Snapshots, Trends and Drivers in India

A Must Attend Forum for Key Strategy Makers from various enterprise segments such as Head-IT, Marketing, HR, Finance and Operations from large organization across verticals