India’s CIOs are increasingly focusing on further enterprise growth, and creating new products and services to attract and retain customers. Implementing business process improvements, revenue growth through differentiated products and services, and business expansion are the top business priority areas of investment for Indian organizations.
However, while Indian companies may be keen to invest in new technologies, there are still roadblocks to full-scale adoption including business readiness, a lack of capacity for organizational change and low levels of IT funding.

As the pace of technology accelerates, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the trends shaping the future. The CMR Smarter Enterprise forum in association with IBM will be focusing on the following key areas:

Smarter Mobility
The organizations needs new insights to make better decisions, optimize ways of working, measure progress, impact and performance and capitalize on new opportunities.
Why should the public sector increase the adoption of mobile technology? The use of mobile technology can enhance the perception of a public sector body, encourage citizen take up of digital services and empower

Smarter ways to Guard against Security Threats
Up to now, organizations have responded to security concerns by deploying a new tool to address each new risk. Now they have to install, configure, manage and pay for dozens of non-integrated solutions with limited views of the landscape.

Costly and complex, these fragmented security capabilities do not provide the visibility and coordination needed to stop today’s sophisticated attacks. Moreover, the skills and expertise needed to keep up with a constant stream of new threats is not always available

Smarter Enterprise Content Management

Content makes connections, and content-driven insights drive real business results
Join us to learn:
 New ways to analyze structured and unstructured content—and put it to work for you to drive smarter business decisions.
 Why a deep understanding of the complexity of your content puts you in control, so you can drive growth as well as a competitive advantage.
 How to empower your employees with information in order to create an engaged, agile organization.

A Must attend forum for key Business and Technology Decision makers for Mid-Large enterprises across verticals.