CMR-Riverbed Live Webinar



In the past, data centers and remote offices were managed through separate operational processes, procedures, and infrastructures. For performance reasons, organizations ran applications on servers and corresponding storage in branch environments close to end users. What’s more, the demands of custom and write-intensive applications, as well as the need to work with large data sets and the concern of user productivity in the face of WAN outages, have forced businesses to maintain IT resources at the edge.In fact, for a majority of organizations, more than 50 percent of corporate data sits outside the data center. This means that servers with data and storage, as well as backup, are all being managed outside the four walls of the secure data center. This not only leads to higher costs, but also puts critical data at risk.Server/Storage Consolidation solutions deliver a new architectural approach that enables the complete consolidation of edge servers and storage to the data center, while projecting applications and data to edge locations where they perform as if they were local.These solutions decouple storage from its server — over thousands of miles — and deliver the data to remote locations as if the storage were still local to the server. As a result, end users at edge locations get uncompromised performance, while IT management is able to manage, backup, provision, patch, and protect branch data on enterprise storage within the four walls of the data center.

Key Benefits 

  • Ensure complete server and storage consolidation
    • Pull data back from the edge and manage it in the data center — at lower cost and with reduced risk, improved security, and reliable controls
    • Eliminate the need to purchase and support servers and storage in branch offices 
  • Ensure local performance, while managing data centrally
    • Deliver local-speed access to servers and storage managed in the data center
    • Give remote office workers local access and performance even when disconnected from the data center during WAN outages 
  • Enable near-instant branch provisioning and recovery
    • Boot servers over the WAN from data center storage within minutes
    • Support dynamic business requirements by quickly establishing services wherever and whenever needed
    • Quickly re-provision services in the event of a disaster to continue business operations 
  • Centralize and Secure Data
    • Leverage state of the art authentication and encryption to ensure the security of data
    • Protect and secure servers and data in the data center using the same tools and methodologies applied to all corporate data
    • Eliminate the need to purchase, install, and manage a backup solution in the branch office 
  • Simplify Management
    • Reduce administration costs by leveraging standardized data center policies and procedures
    • Eliminate the need for branch-based IT personnel and “fly and fix” missions 

The benefits of Storage/Server consolidation are being realized by a growing number of companies and seen as a key way to streamline many applications and the infrastructure expenses associated with managing IT infrastructure that meet the demands of information-rich business environments of today and scale easily for those same businesses tomorrow.

A must attend webinar for Technology decision makers and influencers from Mid to Large organizations across verticals.