CMR Syndicated Report: India 30-City Monthly Standalone PC Monitor Market Review 2011



The non-bundled PC monitor market contributed 59% of total PC monitor shipments in the country in CY2010. The ‘Top 4’ vendors together accounted for approximately 85% of total non-bundled PC monitor market shipments in India during the year.

The total PC monitor market in 4Q CY2010 was nearly 1.66 million units of which the non-bundled market accounted for more than 965,000 units. The non-bundled PC monitor market grew 31% on a year-on-year basis, with Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities emerging as growth centers.

Target Audience: In light of the above market scenario, it is important for strategy heads, product managers and channel business development managers at vendor organizations, OEMs and distribution firms to have an unbiased, third-party update on the competitive landscape in terms of actual city-wise PC monitor sell-throughs.

Research Methodology and Market Coverage

Top 30 cities across India are covered.
Face-to-face interviews of Tier 2 PC monitor channel partners are conducted by a dedicated team of CyberMedia Research field executives every month.

Estimation of vendor-wise, form factor-wise sales per city, every month.

Highest selling PC monitors by screen size and the three top-selling models for each vendor and ‘Top 3’ screen size per city are recorded.
A diligent process of validation is carried out by the CyberMedia Research analyst team and field supervisors, particularly for any sharp rise or fall in sell-through numbers in a particular month. Local city-level market intelligence from trade sources is employed to estimate an accurate picture of sell-throughs.

Vendor-Partner alliance status is cross-checked and validated every month.

Market Coverage
Nearly 300 Tier-2 printer channel partners in 30 cities, every month.
Deliverables for every month will include the following:

Subscribers will receive comprehensive, city-wise sell-through numbers by vendor for the previous 9 calendar months in the form of MS Excel pivot tables.

Value Addition:
Annual onsite presentation to client team by CyberMedia Research analyst.

Release date:
Forty (40) days after the end of the data month, for instance, 10th November for ‘data’ months January-September.

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