CyberMedia Research BPO Summit 2016 – Agenda




6:00 pm       Onsite Registration with Welcome Drinks

6:45 pm       Key trends in Outsourcing: An Analyst viewpoint

                    CMR Analyst

7:15 pm       Panel Discussion: Disruptive Innovation in Outsourcing

                    Sr. Executive, IBM; 1 Product/Solution Expert; 2 Customers of IBM;

                    2 Implementation Partners of IBM

                    Moderated by CMR Analyst

7:35 pm       Summing up the discussion and the Closing remarks by Platinum Partner

7:45 pm       Panel Discussion: (TBD with LogMeIn)

                    Sr. Executive from LogMeIn,  1 Product/Solution Expert; 2 Customers;

                    2 Implementation Partners of LogMeIn.

                    Moderated by CMR Analyst

8:10 pm       Gold Partner (II) Session

8:25 pm       Vote of Thanks

8:30 pm       Bollywood Smash Live with Networking Cocktails and Dinner