1800-1825 hrs On-site Registrations
1825-1830 hrs Brief Welcome & Introduction to Conference Theme
AVP, Public Sector Practice, CMR
1830-1835 hrs Welcome Keynote
General Manager, Dell India
1835-1845 hrs Inaugural Lamp Lighting + IT Vision Keynote
Mr. Harpreet Singh, IAS, Secretary-IT, Telangana
1845-1850 hrs House Rules, Speaker Introductions
1850-1900 hrs Plenary Keynote
‘Digital India’ Vision: Leveraging ICT Infrastructure to Achieve Good Governance and Improve Business Efficiencies, Deliver Stakeholder-relevant Solutions and Citizen-friendly Services”
Invited Dignitary*
1900-1915 hrs Industry Session
“Implementing Scalable, Adaptable IT Infrastructure – Dell Advantage”
Raman Bountra, Public Business Leader, Dell India
1915-1930 hrs Management Consulting Insights Session
“Is the country’s ICT infrastructure geared up to meet the ‘Digital India’ vision? Best Practices in the Design & Implementation of e-Gov solutions, m-Gov solutions and more”
Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya, Partner, KPMG India, Infrastructure and Government Services*
1930-2010 hrs Panel Discussion-cum-Q&A
Key Themes:

  • Highlight the ICT needs of Government and their alignment with the Goals of Good Governance
  • Dwell on the emergence of SMAC and IoT and their current / future likely impact on delivery of public services, business strategy & operations
  • Discuss how end-to-end technology solutions delivered by an experienced partner can help to speedily achieve the vision of a ‘Digital India’

Invited Dignitary*

  • Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya *
  • T. Krishna Prasad, Additional Director General of Police, Telangana*
  • Raman Bountra, Public Business Leader, Dell India
  • Avinash Ramachandra, Director-Govt. Affairs and Public Policy, Dell India
  • Soans Joseph, Regional Manager, Enterprise Solutions Group, Dell India

Moderator: Apalak Ghosh, Lead Analyst, Emerging Technologies, CMR

2010-2015 hrs Vote of Thanks
2015 hrs onwards Networking Dinner