HPE Next Wave of Transformation

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balance1dOne of the biggest challenges faced by most service providers today, be it cloud, telecom or e-commerce players, is to ensure that their data centers can handle growing customer demands, while reducing operating expenses.According to experts, the public cloud services market is expected to grow by more than 30% this year, because more companies are shifting their workloads away from traditional infrastructure to a SaaS, Paas or IaaS based one. Cloud service providers therefore need to ensure that they can innovate and streamline their services. Instead of offering ad-hoc solutions, they need to evolve their data center infrastructure into a scalable and repeatable platform—one that enables rapid deployment, is easy to manage and maintain, extremely energy-efficient, highly reliable and also provides high performance. Most importantly, it should offer all this at the right price so as to enable service providers to deliver not only current services, but additional ones as well, as per customer demands.For Telcos and e-com players, it’s a challenge to ensure that their data centers can scale as per consumer demands. A hybrid infrastructure that’s cloud optimized is therefore needed to help service providers achieve economies of scale, while ensuring rapid scalability, robust security, adaptability and efficiency.This exclusive event aims to focus the limelight on a next-gen infrastructure that can cater to the unique demands of service providers. International experts specialized in this field will highlight what HPE is doing to enable such a flexible infrastructure with its Open Compute Platform (OCP) and Hyperscale community. The audience will get first-hand insights on global best practices for Service Providers.The event also provides a unique opportunity for service providers to present their views and challenges in managing their infrastructure, and discuss solutions that can cater to their concerns.The key discussion areas at the event would be:• Learn about new technology trends in Service Providers infrastructure transformation
• How to maintain the right balance of price-performance in a hybrid infrastructure
• Trends and best practices with top Service Providers
• Discover new open standards based technologies for managing a growing customer base
• Find out how new transformative technologies can lower the TCO, while improving scalability, efficiency, and adaptability