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Every year, organizations like banks, financial institutes, insurance companies, and pharma companies end up paying huge penalties for non-compliance to govt. regulations and/or patent infringements. These settlements often run into billions of dollars and are a key issue for most organizations.

That’s because litigations, internal investigations, and audits are usually complex and expensive. Organizations have to often rely on outside counsel or third-party services to help with e-discovery. Their IT departments take forever to collect electronically stored data in response to legal requests. What’s more, there’s a lack in transparency in the entire e-discovery process.

The issue is on top of mind for most CEOs and board members of the effected organizations. Thankfully, IT has the solutions that can not only turnaround this problem but even give organizations a competitive edge.

This webinar will talk about the key issues related to GRC and how IT solutions can help address them.

Webinar Takeaways
 Understand the need for robust and transparent data investigation capabilities.
 Address roadblocks to e-discovery like overloaded and unmanageable email servers, in-effective email archiving, poor backup windows, etc.
 Discover how IT solutions can help adhere to stringent govt. policies and compliance requirements.
 How to reduce your backup window and recovery of overloaded mail servers like MS Exchange/Lotus Notes.
 How to optimize your mail servers through effective data archival techniques.
 Lower costs through effective implementation of data retention/disposal policies.
 Respond faster to legal requests.