Augmented Reality India Report 2017

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From ages, we have experienced VR coming in bulky devices, offering limited content. The technological discoveries, transformations for better lifestyle, offerings and delight for video games gave birth to the compact VR devices. The humans experience imaginary world as real through augmented reality, available in the form of various tools, impressing to customers more than Virtual reality.

The Blend of VR and AR is expected to empower and collaborate enterprise, employee and consumer relationship, interactions, training, marketing and connectivity. Organisations looking forward to adopt AR need to improvise their technology infrastructure and applications for VR. They need to design a model to include the best practices to educate the interested users and develop management workshops for the employees to make the technology user-friendly and most possible. AR is being used my many companies in India nowadays and comes in light-weighted tools and is present in smartphones as well. The developers need to frame solutions for cost reduction, scattered market of developers, lack of industry standards, in order to remove the barriers.