Enabling Aspirational India’s App Economy

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As a nation, India leapfrogged into the digital economy by embracing the mobile phone. In fact, no other nation has embraced mobile the way India has. What mobile handsets have achieved is to open a new world of possibilities to Indians everywhere, going beyond mere communications, to accessing education, e-commerce, finance, healthcare, entertainment, and interfacing with the government. Whether it be internet connections or app downloads, India has made impressive strides to grow as a mobile-first nation. The mobile is the most important, last-mile component of the country’s digital infrastructure.

India is the largest and fastest growing markets for digital consumers. The app economy in India is vibrant, with the country leading in app installations as well as app usage. In a post-pandemic world, India’s app ecosystem is pivotal for the continued and strong growth of its digital economy.

This report focuses on India’s App Economy, and its future.


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