What Audio Means for Indian Smartphone users 2021

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CyberMedia Research (CMR) partnered with Dolby, a company with decades of expertise in delivering breakthrough audio and visual experiences to billions of people worldwide, to unveil the second edition of the survey titled ‘What Audio Means for Indian Smartphone users 2021?’

Over the past year, audio has been increasingly integrated into consumer lives. Audio is now central to their lives, enabling shared virtual experiences, whether it be audio or video.  The CMR survey reveals consumer insights on audio for smartphones and consumer preference for object based next generation immersive audio technology like Dolby Atmos.

As per the study findings, audio quality is the top-most driver (69%) influencing consumer smartphone purchases, ahead of battery (65%) and camera (63%). The Digital Natives (in the age group of 18-24 years) are the most active content consumers, spending >20 hours/week online on audio consumption. Amongst digital natives, the survey highlights a remarkable 8% point jump in consumers, over the previous annual study, prioritizing audio as a key smartphone purchase driver in 2021 at 71%. Digital natives are tech-aware, and presumably highly satisfied with the camera and battery innovations brought forth by smartphone OEMs.


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