CMR-IBM Analytics Forum 2013



Over the past few years, businesses are increasingly relying on BPOs to make significant contribution to their bottom line. The pressure on BPOs to boost revenue, maximize productivity and reduce overhead costs is growing by the day. Apart from many others, Information management & Reporting has become a major challenge in BPO industry. With the rise of Big Data & Social Media it has become even more severe. Luckily, it can be solved with use of Business intelligence solutions. 

A Business Intelligence system can help BPOs with many key factors such as collecting data from customer interactions, analyzing it to understand customer intents and insights and finally converting it into actionable recommendations that can improve the performance of all departments.


Over and above this Predictive analytics are needed to provide a clear picture of what is going to happen in order to take the most effective action. The predictive analytic process discovers the meaningful patterns and relationships in data and provides decision-making information about the future. Predictive analytics applications, properly deployed and seamlessly integrated with a call center system, enable organizations to do a number of things:


• Optimization of customer service over the telephone

• Acquisition and retention of clients

• Reliable and instant data

• Quick and reliable performance of statistical analyses and predictive models

• Segmentation of inbound calls and improved results


Attend the CMR-IBM Analytics Forum 2013 to find out all about how Predictive Analytics can help you make the shift and convert insights to action !


A Must attend event for:

IT Managers, Head – Operation, Sales, Practice Heads, Market Research & analytics team from BPOs, KPOs and other ITeS enterprises.