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Birender Singh

Increasing customer compliance demand and the risks associated with supply chain are pushing manufacturers and distributors to rethink their warehouse management practices, processes and systems. Delivering the perfect order, reducing labour costs and maximizing the use of space and equipment have become key focus areas.According to an Aberdeen report* best-in-class companies achieve 98% first-time order completeness (reducing rework), 98% ontime rates (reducing delays), and 99.7% order accuracy (reducing errors and mis-picks) using an advanced supply chain execution system.Discussion “ Faster Supply Chain Optimization’, to find out how Infor Supply Chain Execution solution (SCE) can drive new levels of warehouse visibility, agility, and productivity helping companies maximize product placement strategies, prioritize tasks, implement productivity standards, and increase logistics efficiency.Webinar discussion highlights include:
•             Supply Chain risks and challenges in todays world
•             Practices of best-in-class companies
•             How to drive visibility, agility, and productivity in the supply chain