Concocting VR with Sex: Not a Bad Idea Indeed!

Birender Singh

Birender Singh

Gone are the days when technology was confined to certain arenas only. Today, it cuts across different layers in different forms. This is the era when we concoct technology with different domains of life. The latest technology invading our lives is– Virtual reality.

Although, its efficacy was doubted from day one, the industry thought it is just another gimmick. But thanks to the virtual reality games, which were a grace for the gamers in 2016 with HTC’s Vive and Facebook’s Oculus Rift. For the gaming geeks, affordable devices turned out to be a blessing and the same trend is likely to follow in 2017 too.

And now, virtual reality is gradually seeping into automotive and manufacturing domains too. According to a survey, more than a third of the US manufacturers are using VR technology or have plans to work around it in the next three years.

And talking about the automotive market, companies such as Ford are already using VR to get a feel of the interiors and exteriors of a car. With Oculus Rift headset, one can walk around and experience the exterior and interior of its cars. The VR is linked to the company’s computer aided design (CAD) software and so engineers can visualise results at fingertips.

Of late, the technology has shown its prowess in fulfilling the fantasies. In fact, adult site PornHub has launched a virtual reality channel, and is providing free trailers to entice subscribers.  Virtual reality sex suit is also creating a lot of buzz in the market. It helps to convey a touch over internet and a jacket helps in simulating the pressure of an object, which gives a fake pressure of an object.

Though at a very early stage, this technology may help in arresting many sexual problems and curtailing diseases in India.

Just consider this: As per Indian government’s official figures, the number of people living with HIV stood at 21.17 lakh and the number of new infections was at 86,000 in 2015. The number of deaths due to the deadly disease in India was 1.3 lakh (ranging from 1.24 lakh to 1.38 lakh) and the percentage of patients receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) treatment stood at 25.82% as against the global percentage of 41%, a study said.

Virtual reality games are gaining traction, in a similar manner, virtual reality sex could prove a boon , though a distant dream. It also opens up opportunities for the unattractive, transgender people to fulfill their fantasies.

No doubt about the fact that cybersex is all about having a safe sex without the risk of any infections and to stop accidental pregnancy. And so it’s not a bad idea to try VR Sex, but the million-dollar question would be its affordability in India.