Government Should Listen To Small Pharma Companies

Birender Singh

Birender Singh

While the second wave of COVID-19 is more aggressive than the first wave, the Indian pharma sector is utilizing its fullest strength to ensure the drugs are available for every Indian citizen. Telangana is one of the key hubs for drugs manufacturing. According to the leading manufacturers, the Indian pharma sector is ahead of their counterparts in other nations and requests to listen to the concerns of the small pharmacy companies who might have innovative ideas.

The domestic pharma market turnover in India has reached Rs. 1.4 lakh crores  in 2019 as per the government data. This is actually an increase from Rs. 1.29 lakh crores in 2018. The COVID-19 emergency has featured the significance of having a hazard the executive’s structure set up that centers around the assessment of potential issues emerging from the passing of a flexible chain accomplice or area.

In India, the healthcare industries consist of both private sector and public sector. India plays an important role in the global pharma sector, and has a great pool of scientists/engineers with good potential to steer the industry ahead to greater heights.

In a chat with CMR, Santosh Varalwar, , VIVIMED Labs, President, Telangana Association of Pharma and Chemical industries said that the last one year made the Indian pharma companies go for many trial-and-errors and as a sector as a whole, all the companies had become efficient and are ready to tackle any situation.

“We are experimenting more therapy-oriented solutions and I could remember last year situation where the entire industry was clueless on the way forward. However, now, we are agile and quick, not just to support the pandemic but our approach is to provide the holistic solution for the world”, he said further adding that the Government’s support for the industry is welcoming in terms of approvals, clearances and more.

Santosh, while comparing the Indian pharmacy sector to the globe says that India is able to address the pandemic much faster than the other countries. “Thanks to the regularoey entanglements are faster and better, the engagement of the Indian drug manufacturers are very high. And this one year of constant effort from the manufacturers, the world is looking at us for any support. The numbers also suggests that, we , as a country is self-reliant in the pharmacy manufacturing sector.”, he added.

Support for the small companies:

Santosh in his expectation from the government, says, that the government should focus on listening to the small and mid sized manufacturers. According to him, while the large manufacturers are having better opportunities for their voices to be heard, the small manufacturers should be given equal opportunities to innovate. “While I appreciate the government for standing with the industry, our only request would be to listen to the small manufacturers who are no lesser in terms of innovation compared to the giants”, he concluded.