Healthcare Forum 2015

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Birender Singh


One of the key challenges facing healthcare providers is to provide efficient patient care at an optimal cost. In a hospital healthcare environment, information is fragmented across multiple disparate systems. For hospitals to provide better patient care, the imperative is to integrate their clinical data with their financial and administrative data. Data integration has always remained the most critical challenge for healthcare enterprises. The challenge associated with integrating data from multiple sources is that it is very tedious, time-consuming, and comes with a high cost.
In today’s context, hospital healthcare providers are increasingly reliant on applications and systems that enable quality patient care.
The Role of Technology
In hospital healthcare, technology is increasingly playing a role in almost all processes, from patient registration to data monitoring, from lab tests to self-care tools.
Increasing diffusion of technology into many streams of healthcare has enabled hospitals to provide patient-centric services, resulting in improved access to healthcare, greater patient safety and enhanced healthcare delivery.
In a healthcare enterprise, technology equips healthcare professionals for the various challenges confronting them. By providing access to accurate and meaningful information, responsive technology plays a key role in a digital healthcare environment.
Key Advantages
•Adoption of enterprise-level information system enables physicians to make better-informed decisions, as information entered anywhere in the system is immediately available throughout the system.
•This also results in faster time to treatment, with increased and secure access to patient information. All of this translates into enhanced patient safety.
•For the hospital, benefits range from coordinated care to reduced readmissions, from increased patient safety to reduced costs.
Key Questions Answered
•What are the key industry challenges that technology can help to address?
•What are the new business models that are being adopted globally? How can they impact Indian healthcare?
•How will emerging technologies bring about healthcare transformation?
•What are the benefits accrued to doctors from introduction of new healthcare technologies?
•What are the predominant benefits and challenges of the emerging technologies?
•What will be the role of the healthcareIT executive in the coming years?
A Must attend for Hospitals and Health Delivery Systems and Providers including:

  • C-level executives
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Medical Director
  • Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing, Informatics Officer
  • Senior/Medical Director, Care Management
  • CIO/CTO, Head-IT and other technology decision makers