Infosys Dives Deep Into AI-enhanced Cloud Development

Birender Singh

Birender Singh

A new offering from the house of Infosys was recently revealed. Termed ‘Infosys Cobalt,’ it is a state-of-the-art AI cloud with massive computational ability and flexibility to deploy enterprise-grade solutions. Built on the NVIDIA DGX A100 system, this AI cloud can be accessed by Infosys employees remotely. It will allow them to process AI algorithms without any delay or latency. Infosys will be a foundational partner of the famed Google Cloud Cortex Framework to deliver even better SAP and digital transformation experiences.

For Whom It Will be Accessible To

The Infosys Cobalt AI cloud will also be operational for enterprises that wish to harness such next-gen technology. From cognitive services to AI SaaS, edge capabilities to deployment-ready AI platforms, the possibilities of the AI cloud are genuinely endless. Cloud systems have become a necessary part of the consumer experience. With the help of Infosys, organizations can make use of this opportunity and achieve sustainable growth.

Infosys has been at the forefront of the cloud revolution for a long time. They have enabled multiple enterprises to access Google Cloud more efficiently. With the Cobalt AI cloud and Google Cortex Framework, Indian IT organizations will be able to drive their digital enterprises with insight-based data and strategy.

How It Will Help the Enterprises

Organizations that leverage IT, both SME and enterprise-grade, aim to migrate their digital processes completely to the clouds. But, the lack of resources coupled with the inability to access platforms that serve as single-point solutions keeps most away from it. The lack of a cloud platform that can provide industry-specific services was also unavailable to most.

Infosys aims to right this wrong with their Cobalt AI cloud offering. With the addition of the Google Cortex framework, which perfectly complements their Cobalt offerings, Infosys will be able to provide in-depth expertise solutions to a wide range of industries. They can build on-premises clouds and scale them as per organizational requirements. So, employees will be able to pool their expertise and build critical applications through AI computing.

The Cobalt AI system will also leverage the Google Cloud Cortex framework to provide reference architectures, deployment templates, packaged services, and accelerator modules for IT teams. While anybody can access Google Cloud systems, the service offering will be industry-specific through the partnership with Infosys and add a strong sense of technical experience.

This concept of template solutions created on AI cloud platforms is set to revolutionize the way enterprises experience cloud services. Be it SAP or non-SAP services, the plug-and-play ability of the Cobalt platform will allow every type of business owner to streamline complex processes. Furthermore, it will lead to fewer requirements for costly in-house data teams.

The combination of Google Cortex Framework and Infosys Cobalt will fuse the former’s cutting-edge platform with the latter’s 300+ cloud development blueprints. So, expect a personalized solution to enhance your organizational computing capabilities like never before! This scale AI architecture is the solution for businesses ready to adopt the future.