KG Denim Forays Into Medical Textile ; Plans To Invest On R&D

Birender Singh

Birender Singh

B Swaminathan

Coimbatore: KG Denim introduces a new line of Anti Microbial, Anti Viral Products under BioRefresh
Technology, a complete in-house development. The key feature of BioRefresh products is the Antimicrobial and Antiviral power is renewed with every bleach wash, during normal laundry processes.

A press release from the organization quotes surface contamination by micro-organisms are the major cause of infectious diseases. Under select conditions, Textiles are good media for the growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses under humidity and warmth and surface contamination is a major cause for transmission of infectious diseases. BioRefresh products can be used in hospitals, schools, canteen and the food packaging industry. The company is in the process of patenting both the technology and the trademark.

Other than preventing the materials, Biocidal is able to kill and eliminate the growth of microorganisms, can, therefore, protect wearers of the textiles from biological attacks. The fabric has been tested to perform for 80 washes. The Chlorine on the surface of the fabric is not harmful and will pass Skin sensitivity tests. Chlorine has the ability to quickly eliminate many common kinds of bacteria and viruses. The effect on the fabric lasts up to two weeks.

These products are meant for general hospital use, to provide health care workers protection. Hospital curtains, Sheets, Towels are also being developed, will be offered to the market. Other uses are in the food industry where interaction with meat and chicken exposes people to risk. Also a version of this product is being developed for use by Hospitality workers. KG Denim is proud to develop this pioneering technology in India, entirely through in house R&D. In addition to selling the fabric in the general market, Trigger will offer finished garments to the Health Care sector.

B Sriramulu, Managing Director, KG Denim Limited, says the key reasons KG Denim entering a new line of business are the availability of the resources, capability & capacity to handle these products. Apart from health care, KG Denim is planning to cater for the hospitality industry, travel and institutional needs with the focusing domestic market, European Union, and the USA.

Asked the fact that medical textiles are a new ball game for the company and their plans to bring uniqueness and carry the legacy, Sriramulu said, “ We are focusing on products based on rechargeable chemistry is unique to the market. And in fact, I can call it a first-of-its-kind from India. Even though as the whole range and ideas conceived during the last 3 months period, we could not do a detailed market study. However, as these fabrics are more protective by nature, consumption to increase steadily.”, he said.

Adding that the organization is planning to invest in R&D, he concluded “We are continuously working on next developments in Functional Fabrics & Garments area and expect to have the new range introduced soon”