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Phishing 2.0: New Age Attacks and Counter-Measures

In the world of security, phishing doesn’t need any introduction to any security professional. Even though it has been around for ages, it still continues to take its toll on enterprises by conning unsuspecting people into revealing sensitive data.

Phishing has become more severe than ever before, due to higher web presence of individuals, thanks to social networking sites, instant messengers, and mobility.

In 2014 alone, there were over 7 LAKH reported phishing incidents, according to Wikipedia. As per Google, some phishing emails achieved a hit rate as high as 45 percent! The financially motivated attackers attacked social media sites, auction sites, banks, and payment gateway providers, to name a few.

A higher success rate clearly translates into financial loss as well as loss of corporate credibility and brand reputation for enterprises. The trouble is that there’s no fool-proof solution against new age phishing attacks.

CISOs and enterprise security professionals, can’t therefore afford to ignore these Next Gen phishing attacks. Knowledge of new age phishing attacks and their counter-measures is therefore essential!

This webinar provides expert advice to enterprise security decision makers about next generation phishing attacks, evolution of attacking techniques, and the counter measures that can be taken against them.

Key Webinar Highlights:

  • Understand latest phishing attack flow and types
  • The damage potential of phishing
  • Some recent, severe Phishing incidents
  • Attributes that improve user awareness against phishing
  • Technical solutions to improve enterprise security posture
  • Introduction to Phishnix