Peps Plans To Add More 41 GSS Shops To Its Portfolio

Birender Singh

Birender Singh

India’s top-selling spring mattress, Peps Industries Pvt, Ltd, added India’s first-ever soft-top mattress made of jersey fabric to their line under the name Peps Cameo. Peps are known in the industry for its innovative product. Till today, Peps has about 23 products with Cameo launched it has 24 products in its portfolio.

The product will be available only at the Peps’ Great Sleep Stores. The new mattress is said to address a wide range of consumer problems through a set of 12 noteworthy qualities that combine comfort, support and aesthetics to create a product that is a “celebrity” among mattresses. From where it gets its tagline “A celebrity unlike any other, and you deserve nothing less”.

Every product of Peps is based on the taste of the consumer and customer behaviors. Under the supervision of Restronic mattress, Restonic Corporation of USA, the products match the quality of international standards and affordable luxury.

“Peps are an innovative brand with an innovative team and innovative leadership. What differentiates Peps Cameo from other mattresses is its use of high-tech solutions in a brand-new composition. We started with the dream of helping India sleep well, and innovation has constantly been key to helping us achieve this. Extensive research and the best quality raw materials have always been at the core of Peps, and Peps Cameo is a clear indicator of this,” said K Madhavan, Managing Director, and Peps Industries.

Brands Key Highlights

One of the key highlights of Cameos is the jersey fabric in a mattress. Madhavan added that the fabric is used to provide good sweat absorption since it is a material popular among sports persons.  This product range starts from Rs. 20,000 up to 75,000.

Each of the Peps products has a 10-year warranty given but Madhavan added that a mattress should not be used for more than 5 years as it is proven to be unhealthy. As the mentality among people has changed because of the norms brought by pandemic, there seems to be a possibility that this would even change. Peps was the first to bring India, mattresses made of denim fabric. It is also known for its flagship product, Spineguard.

Every single product with Peps comes after extensive research and feedback received from the brand consultants. Each product under Peps has a target segment it addresses. Madhavan added that this has been the reason behind the success of Peps in India, even though it has been the youngest in the sector.

“We position our products based on the customer’s segment. Cameo addresses the comfort and luxury segment. The biggest challenge we faced is not with manufacturing but packing the product with the best of services equally important. As we speak, we have exported 5800 mattresses to the USA,” added Madhavan when addressing the crowd. 

Future Plans of Peps

Peps works on providing a value of luxury as the consumers are increasingly seeing mattresses as an investment, rather than just a purchase. In the past few months, Peps has seen a rise in demand for its high-end products. Peps also spend up to 3 percent of its revenue in Research and Development to ensure to provide its customers with a service packed product.

“We are also repositioning the Peps brand. We also have plans to automatize the manufacturing and increase our investment,” added Madhavan.

Peps have expanded both its online and offline presence in FY 20-21 as the country went under a lockdown. The team is also focused on creating products to be only shown in its Great Sleep Stores (GSS) as a support to the offline market. There are about 109 stores across the country and the brand aims to add 41 more stores by the end of 2021.