Reflections from Salesforce’s TrAIlblazers Together Event in New Delhi.

Picture of Surachita Deb Sharma, Analyst, CyberMedia Research

Surachita Deb Sharma, Analyst, CyberMedia Research

I recently had the opportunity to attend Salesforce’s Trailblazers Together event at New Delhi, and it was a truly enlightening and inspiring experience.

The event featured a series of sessions led by industry experts, each of whom is a trailblazer in their respective fields. From the valuable insights shared by Mr. Deepak Pargaonkar (VP – Solution Engineering, Salesforce) and Mr. Arun Rangaraju (Vice President, Business Value Services, Salesforce) to the thought-provoking perspectives of Mr. Neetan Chopra (Chief Digital and Information Officer, Indigo) and Mr. Siddharth Shah (Head of Data Product & Analytics, Airtel), every session was a learning opportunity.

During the event, Mr. Deepak Pargaonkar emphasized the importance of innovation, data utilization, and cybersecurity in today’s business landscape. He highlighted the need for IT to deliver value and achieve success in terms of ROI and speed, emphasizing Salesforce’s role as a trusted digital advisor to businesses.

Einstein GPT

Salesforce introduced Einstein GPT, the world’s first generative AI CRM technology, at the event. This innovative technology combines GPT expertise with Salesforce’s Einstein AI platform, resulting in an AI model with remarkable language capabilities. Einstein GPT can comprehend and generate human-like text, offering profound implications for personalized communication, automation, and enhanced interactions within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Einstein Trust Layer

Furthermore, Mrs. Arundhati Bhattacharya (Chairperson and CEO, Salesforce India) and Mr. Deepak Pargaonkar highlighted the Einstein Trust Layer, which safeguards generative AI within Salesforce. This layer ensures data privacy, security, and confidentiality while gathering feedback to enhance service quality. It seamlessly integrates into the user interface, enhancing overall security and control over generative AI.

Women in Tech

The event also celebrated women in technology, with Mrs. Arundhati Bhattacharya sharing her inspiring journey. Her words resonated not only with women striving for excellence but with individuals from all walks of life. Connecting with Ms. Katerine Gabriel from the Salesforce US team was another highlight, showcasing the intelligence and professionalism of women in the technology industry.

This event was a testament to the progress of women’s empowerment within the tech sector, defying stereotypes and inspiring inclusivity. As a woman myself, I found great satisfaction in meeting these remarkable women and witnessing their significant contributions to gender diversity in this industry.

Attending this event reinforced the impact of such gatherings. They offer more than just networking opportunities; they provide invaluable insights into the ever-evolving technological landscape. These events serve as gateways to the future, unlocking insights, sparking innovation, and fostering connections crucial for navigating the transformative tech world. As I reflect on my experiences, I’m reminded that being a trailblazer isn’t just about embracing change; it’s about actively shaping it.